Good Hope is a merchantman brig that James Delaney extorted with deception from Sir Stuart Strange in order to sail from England.


When James managed to get a private encounter with Sir Stuart Strange while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London, he was so scrumptious that he was able to steal a new ship from the East India Company after Sir Strange and his men had blown up James's previous ship, the Felice Adventurero, in a statement of war. Upon returning to the headquarters, Sir Stuart instructed Benjamin Wilton to find a new brig and to bring supplies to Wapping Wall. The archivist found a brig named Good Hope, and Sir Strange ordered to make it available to James Delaney's men as soon as possible. After Wilton lost his life after completing the assignment at the hands of French Bill, James Delaney and his associates managed to sail not to the Americas, but to Ponta Delgada in the Azores, Portugal, instead. (Episode 8)

Memorable QuotesEdit

Wilton: "A brig called the Good Hope. It is fitted out for a voyage to Constantinople and is set to leave tomorrow on the ebb."
Sir Stuart: "Draw up papers to have it diverted. Have it rowed to Wapping Wall by a skeleton crew? It's to be tied up, with only provisions onboard. Enough for a crew of 15 for a two-month journey."
Wilton: "For what reason, sir? What I mean is, what is the official reason I should give in the daybook? The official reason."
Sir Stuart: "Well, let's see "The Good Hope was taken to Wapping Wall for an unannounced inspection of its hull for short measure of tar, in case of fraudulent accounting by the ship fitters, Master and Preece." Put that in the daybook."
Wilton: "And what is the official reason for sending two Company dray carts to Bedlam Insane Asylum?"
Sir Strange: "Because this whole thing is insane. Because this day is insane because Delaney is insane! Because I am insane! Just do it!"



Season 1


  • A merchantman is any non-naval vessel, including tankers, freighters, or cargo ships, but not troopships; An East Indiaman was a merchantman licensed to or by an East India joint-stock company. Some of the East Indiamen chartered by the British East India Company were known as "tea clippers".


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