Ibbotson was a tenant of the Delaney family and Robert's keeper. Ibbotson was a minor character in the first season of Taboo. He was portrayed by Christopher Fairbank.

Character Overview

Ibbotson was an old man hardened by the harsh and poor country life. He was a God-fearing uneducated farmer who for years had been taking care of Robert, on behalf of Horace Delaney, showing that he had developed affection for the lad.



Ibbotson was a tenant on the payroll of Horace Delaney, as well as the keeper of an important secret.

Cat Got his Tongue

Ibbotson blackmailing Delaney

Ibbotson accused James Delaney of witchcraft when he saw him with a stray dog which usually wandered near the gallows, informing Delaney that his late father was behind with payments. Ibbotson, in fact, was looking after alleged Horace Delaney's illegitimate son, Robert.[1]

Several weeks later, Ibbotson was visited by James Delaney who hired him to find him a tarp of a ship. James took away the child, despite Ibbotson claiming that he had said anything to the child about his past. [2]

Ibbotson was not very convinced by James Delaney's illegal plans, and even less about Robert's involvement in the hazardous preparation of gunpowder. Driven by guilt and fear caused by occult symbols carved in the country farmhouse used as a factory, Ibbotson confessed to a priest, not knowing that he reported the confession to the spies of the East India Company for a fee. Ibbotson was then killed by James Delaney and abandoned in the church. His tongue was severed and placed in the hands of Cholmondeley by James Delaney. [3]


Season 1


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