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The Nootka Treaty, or more formally the Treaty of Nootka, is a document signed between Horace Delaney and the Nootka tribe attesting property passage of Nootka Sound from the indigenous tribe to the Delaney family.


When James Delaney returned to London, Robert Thoyt was able to read the last wills of late Horace Delaney as Delaney's attorney. Since James was the only beneficiary and heir, Sir Stuart Strange complained about their recent attempts to negotiate with Thorne and Zilpha Geary. Since Nootka Treaty was nowhere to be found, Abraham Appleby suggested spreading the rumor that it had been burned, so that the East India Company could take possession of Nootka Sound.[1]

In the following days, after Lorna Bow appeared as Horace Delaney's widow, Thoyt rushed to the headquarters to inform East India Company's Desk about the news. Sir Strange welcomed the news very well, since Lorna Bow, as a widow, was heiress to part of the inheritance.[2]

The news of the widow had also come to Solomon Coop thanks to his network of spies scattered around London. After staging a motive to arrest her, Solomon Coop offered the woman a reward for the Nootka Treaty. The plan was thwarted by the sudden intervention of Benjamin Wilton, who hindered Solomon Coop on behalf of the East India Company.[3]

Cornered by James, Lorna had to hand over to his son-in-law the trunk belonging to Horace. After a bitter conversation about James's bad behavior, Lorna revealed the existence of a secret compartment in the trunk. There, James finally found the Nootka Treaty. In it was put black on white the legal right of the Delaney family over Nootka Sound, obtained together with the purchase of a woman of the Nootka indigenous tribe in exchange for beads and food.[4]


Episode Appearance[]

Season 1


  • The Nootka Sound Conventions were a series of three agreements between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Great Britain, signed in the 1790s, which averted a war between the two empires over overlapping claims to portions of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America.[5]


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