The Sons of Africa is a political group that defends the rights of people of colour in the British Empire. George Chichester is one of the spokespersons of the group.


The Sons of Africa is an organization established by former slaves and educated African members of British society to combat the systematic racism of the British empire. For nine years, one of the leaders, politician George Chichester asked His Majesty's Secretary Solomon Coop to build a commission dedicated to investigating the maintenance of the Cornwallis. The sloop was used illegally for the transportation of slaves to colonies by the East India Company, and was wrecked in the port of Cabinda on July 10th, 1805, resulting in the death of all 280 slaves crammed in the hold.[1]

The East India company silenced everything, changing documents and causing an outrage in the British black community who became aware of these circumstances. After obtaining a permit signed by the Prince Regent, Chichester filed an appeal against the Company.[2]

George Chichester teamed up with James Delaney, survivor member of the crew, to obtain papers and testimony of what happened, so as to have a strong case to present to the Crown.[3][4]


  • The group is a fictionalized version of the real Sons of Africa, a late 18th-century group in Britain that campaigned to end African chattel slavery.


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