St Bartholomew's Hospital is a hospital located in London, as well as the secret headquarters of Dr Dumbarton in the basement of the hospital.


James Delaney visited the St Bartholomew Hospital in order to get in touch with American spies after discovering one of their secret lairs being in the hospital. There, James had an interesting conversation with Dumbarton, a doctor and a merchant that James believed to be an American spy. However, James' statements soon lead to the doctor pointing a to him telling him to leave the hospital property.[1]

Following an assault, Delaney was rescued by some Dumbarton's spies following him and transported to the hospital where Dumbarton seized James' wounds in exchange for an exchange of information.[2]

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  • St Bartholomew's Hospital, nicknamed Barts and, later, formally named The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew, is a hospital located in Smithfield in the City of London and founded in 1123. Today it forms part of Barts Health NHS Trust.

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