Taboo Soundtrack is the music score from the BBC and FX original series Taboo.

Taboo's Theme SongEdit

The theme is called "Taboo", and was written by composer Max Richter who also wrote the score (background music) for the entire series. An insight into the creative process behind the score for Taboo was uploaded by Max Richter on his official YouTube account. [1] The theme sounds a bit different from week to week. In the first episode, the theme music was played on an instrument called a celeste, which resembles a piano but makes a sound more like glockenspiel (albeit with a slightly softer noise). However, future weeks used a string arrangement instead, with the childlike celeste version only returning for the finale. [2]

Taboo's ScoreEdit

No. Title Performer/Composer Lenght
1 Openings Max Richter 2:13
2 The Inexorable Advance of James Delaney Max Richter 2:56
3 Song Of The Dead Max Richter 5:18
4 Zilpha Max Richter 4:30
5 A Lamenting Song Max Richter 1:49
6 Shadows Max Richter 2:53
7 The Little Pig Went To Market Max Richter 1:01
8 Zilpha (Recollection) Max Richter 2:44
9 Song Of The Beyond Max Richter 2:36
10 I'd Hoped To Settle This... Max Richter 2:07
11 Nocturnal Max Richter 4:06
12 The Onrush Of Events Max Richter 2:05
13 Zilpha Alone Max Richter 2:19
14 Attend To The Matter Max Richter 1:26
15 Lamentation For A Lost Life Max Richter 2:21
16 Taboo Lament (Antimatter Fellini Waltz) – Bonus Track Max Richter 1:58
17 Celesta Taboo Lament (Title Edit) – Bonus Track Max Richter 1:33

Episode Title Performer
Episode 1 Taboo Theme Song L'Orchestra Cinematique
(composer: Max Richter)
To be Added
Episode 2 Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"
(I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo)
Zilpha Geary and others gather to hear Beethoven's latest symphony when James Delaney arrives, sensing his prescence then spoting him in the room mirror Zilpha silently motions for him to leave; James and Zilpha meet outside the tension between them escalates until Zilpha removes herself. [3]
Episode 2 Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"
(IV. Allegro)
The assassin sent to kill James follows after him dresses as a woman and attacks him, but James manages to kill him before the assassin can kill him though James is left with an injury of his own; End credits. [3]
Episode 3 How Can I Keep My Maidenhead TABOO CAST
James arrives at a Molly house where he finds Michael Godfrey crossdressed, who runs away from James as soon as he notices him. [3]
Episode 4 Streichquintett No. 60 in C Major,
Op. 33 No. 6, G. 324: IV. Los Manolos. Allegro vivo
At the Royal Society, George Cholmondeley hosts a Chemistry Lecture which catches the eye of Bluestocking, James watches from the back of the lecture hall. [3]
Episode 5 To Be Added To Be Added
To Be Added
Episode 6 To Be Added To Be Added
To Be Added
Episode 7 To Be Added To Be Added
To Be Added
Episode 8 To Be Added To Be Added
To Be Added


Pending the Taboo's Soundtrack to be released on the official YouTube channel, hereafter an array of videos uploaded by either Max Richter or L'Orchestra Cinématique on YouTube. Copyright to their respective owners.


  • Composer Max Richter released a playlist of the official soundtrack he composed on Spotify.[4]


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