Temple is a recurring character in the first season of the BBC and FX period drama, Taboo. He is portrayed by Lewin Lloyd.

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Temple is a child of about seven years old who lives in the streets of London with thefts and arms, piercing the pockets of the dead lurking on the shore. Temple is an emaciated child with a fair complexion, bright eyes and a mop of black hair. He wears shabby clothes and a bowler hat. A black circle is drawn around his left eye, with what appears to be soot or painting.


Temple is an urchin and Mudlark boy who lives in the streets of the East End of London.

Temple was on the shoreline along with Winter and other mudlark children, stealing from corpses sprawled on the beach. Early in the morning they ran into a dead Malay and took the money and even a gold tooth from the corpse, which it was taken as loot by Winter. [1]

After Atticus threw on the beach the corpse of one of the soldiers sent to the brothel to investigate the theft to East India Company's warehouses, Temple was together Winter when Atticus gave them the task of spreading the word about what happened. [2]

Following Winter's death, Temple was among the funeral's attendees. At the end of the ceremony, he remained on the beach playing until he was approached by Lorna Bow and, scared, fled away. Later, Lorna noticed Temple and other street thieves on the London streets and came back to Temple again. The child was praying before a makeshift altar, weeping for the death of his best friend. Temple, then, confessed to having witnessed the murder of his friend by the hand of a man who was not James Delaney. [3]

After Atticus and his men freed Helga von Hinten and Pearl from John Pettifer and the East India Company's soldiers, Temple was with Lorna Bow on a carriage and revealed to Helga what he had seen on the death of Winter, finally making clear the murder committed not by James Delaney, but by a murderer sent by the East India Company. [4]

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Season 1


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